Welcome to the U.S.S. Erebus!
"Light in the Darkness, Order in the Chaos"

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The USS Erebus is a Star Trek Play by Email RPG Simulation a proud member of Theta Fleet in the Star Trek Universe. In her capactiy as a Heavy Cruiser, she is designed for long term service and is outfitted for a variety of missions:

† Replace Excelsior, Ambassador, and New Orleans class Starships as the primary instrument of Federation deep-space defense.
† Provide a mobile platform for a wide range of ongoing scientific and cultural research projects.
† Provide autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and explorative policy in deep space or border territory.
† Serve as a frontline support vehicle during times of war and emergencies.
† Provide a mobile platform for testing and implementation of mission-specific or new technology of any kind.

Her Commanding Officer, Commander Arrun Suin, is looking for the best and brightest Starfleet has to offer. What are you waiting for?

Commander Arrun Suin
Commanding Officer


Open Positions

Strategic Operations
Science and Medical
Flight Control
Diplomatic Operations

Latest News Items

» Thanke

Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 @ 8:11pm by Lieutenant JG Jael Orwin in General News

Thanks for the welcome Captain I'm available for jps if anyone is interested.


» New Officer

Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 @ 10:48am by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci in General News

Crew of the Erebus,

I'd like to welcome Lieutenant, jg Jael Orwin, our new Assistant Chief Intel Officer.

Thank you,
Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun, DSci

» New player

Posted on Tue Jan 9th, 2018 @ 7:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci in Sim Announcement

Greetings everyone,

We have a new Chief Operations Officer in the form of Masoma Tojul. I've played with M.A. before and he is a great writer. So I would like to welcome M.A. to the fold.

Lt. Cmdr. Tyler Elbrun

» All Crew...

Posted on Sun Dec 24th, 2017 @ 3:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci in General News

::Bosun's whistle::

To all crew of the USS Erebus, I would like to wish you all the best this season has to offer. No matter what faith you follow or if you don't follow any particular faith, you all deserve to receive the best this season gives us all. From the Executive Officer, Season's Greetings!!!

Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun, DSci
Executive Officer; USS Erebus

» Crew Update

Posted on Fri Nov 24th, 2017 @ 6:19am by Commander Arrun Suin in Out of Character

Good Evening All,

It is with mixed emotion I have accepted the resignation of Lieutenant Monica Smith. This has been a decision she has thought long and hard about, and is not a reflection on the simm as a whole.

We wish her all the best and should she wish to return in future, our door will always be open.

Latest Mission Posts

» Better Days

Mission: Don't Close Your Eyes
Posted on Fri Jan 26th, 2018 @ 7:53pm by Lieutenant JG Jael Orwin

/=\ Paris France, Earth Summer 2387/=\

The night was perfect, neither too hot, nor too cool. An ever so slight breeze carrying a trace of a scent from a nearby winery on it. The sky was inky black and while the light of the city hid many of the stars…

» A Meeting Of The Minds

Mission: Don't Close Your Eyes
Posted on Fri Jan 26th, 2018 @ 12:11am by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci & Lieutenant JG Jael Orwin

Jael had only been on board his new home for less than two hours. He knew it would take him a while to adjust to the time on theErebus. When he had left the transport ship that brought him to this system, it had been just after 1200. Now, it…

» No Lifesigns Detected, WTF?!

Mission: Don't Close Your Eyes
Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 4:13am by Petty Officer 3rd Class Bartholomew 'Jax' Jackson & Crewman Lucca & Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci

Lucca was foraging ahead, following her nose. She headed down a corridor and stopped a few feet away from a body. She sat down, having reached a goal. She barked twice. The body stirred.

"We've got a live on over here. Jax, bring me the emergency med kit," Elbrun called…

» OK Now We're in Trouble

Mission: Don't Close Your Eyes
Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 4:10am by Staff Warrant Officer Moba Bailey & Lieutenant Vien Hadren & Lieutenant Stephen Pagano & Ensign George Mitchell Dane


Pagano looked at the docking hatch, maneuvering cautiously. "Fighter attachment, I don't want any surprises. Keep running scans and let me know if you find anything." Sliding into position, he extended the docking clamps, forcing the connection to pressurize. "Alright folks. Thank you for flying air Pagano, it is…

» A Bouncy Entrance

Mission: Don't Close Your Eyes
Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2018 @ 9:37am by Lieutenant Masoma Tojul & Petty Officer 1st Class Wyotoroleb th'Jinn


[Runabout Pendra]

The ops station readouts that dazzled a plethora of colors for her half Cardassian eyes to absorb only meant one possible meaning: they had finally caught up to the Akira-class, Erebus. Masoma prepared the shuttle to ease back into sublight speeds by checking and double checking that…

Latest Personal Logs

» After-Action Report

Posted on Fri Jan 26th, 2018 @ 11:23am by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci

"Computer, begin XO's log." I said as I entered my office. The computer chirped it's acknowledgement and said, "Begin when ready."

"Executive Officers log stardate: 72068.9. The away team and myself have just returned from the freighter which we had been assured there were no lifeforms detected. Yet I have…

» Old Flames and New Headaches

Posted on Sat Nov 18th, 2017 @ 4:04am by Lieutenant Vien Hadren

Vien sat down in his quarters and began taking his boots off. He took off his uniform jacket, and then his gold tunic, followed by his socks. Then he just leaned his head back on the sofa.

=A=Computer. Begin recording. Lieutenant Vien Hadren's personal log, supplemental.

I came onboard this…

» Moving On

Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2017 @ 4:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun DSci

"Computer, begin personal log," Tyler said as he entered his quarters.

"Begin when ready," the computer beeped and chirped.

"Executive Officer's Log stardate: 71875.0. I've arrived at my new posting and all has gone well. I met with the CO and the CT/SO. My meeting with the Chief of Security…

» Emergency Protocols Engaged

Posted on Fri Oct 27th, 2017 @ 12:51am by Toran Kel

Administrators Log
Toran Kel reporting.

Emergency protocols have been engaged and the supply rationing has been signed off. Reports are still frequently arriving of missing personnel.

Security teams have sweeped the compound and surrounding areas. So far there have been no signs of phaser fire, physical struggle or any sign…

» Briefing Woes

Posted on Sun Oct 15th, 2017 @ 11:07pm by Commander Arrun Suin

In a little over an hour, I will be beginning the briefing of my senior crew. Intelligence reports are scarce and our destination does not appear on any charted navigation routes.

I have been informed flight control will be switched to manual as we approach the Sigma Tau sector. I…