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USS Erebus NCC-90417
Current Sim Year: 2394

Season One: Eyes Open
The USS Erebus is a Star Trek Play by Email RPG Simulation a proud member of Theta Fleet in the Star Trek Universe

The Akira Class USS Erebus is a Heavy Cruiser designed for long term service and is outfitted for a variety of missions:
Replace Excelsior, Ambassador, and New Orleans class Starships as the primary instrument of Federation deep-space defense.

Provide a mobile platform for a wide range of ongoing scientific and cultural research projects.

Provide autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and explorative policy in deep space or border territory.

Serve as a frontline support vehicle during times of war and emergencies.

Provide a mobile platform for testing and implementation of mission-specific or new technology of any kind.

Her Commanding Officer, Commander Arrun Suin, is looking for the best and brightest Starfleet has to offer. What are you waiting for?

Commander Arrun Suin
Commanding Officer


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Submitted By: Cmdr Arrun Suin on the 5th 2017f June 2017

"Don't Close Your Eyes"

The USS Erebus, docked at Starbase 281, has had to expediate the embarkation of new crew. Orders have come through to investigate a faint distress call from Sigma Tau. What they find could be the difference between a cultural war or continued peace.

Started: 5 Jun 2017

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